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Incident reports


Jan. 2 — A report of vandalism was investigated. A missing juvenile was returned home. Citations were issued for driving with a suspended license and speeding.

Jan. 3 — An out-of-control juvenile, a dog running free, and battery complaint were investigated.

Jan. 4 —A domestic disturbance in a vehicle on Indigo Rd. was investigated.

Thursday — A non-injury accident at 1st and Main Sts. and a suspicious vehicle were investigated. Police investigated a complaint that someone was driving while his or her license was suspended.

Friday — A report of theft was investigated. A citation for not having insurance was issued and a motorist was warned about speeding.

Saturday — Citations for no insurance and failing to stop and a warning for having a headlight out were issued.

Sunday — A complaint of phone harassment was investigated. A complaint of illicit drug use was investigated, and illicit substances were recovered; it is unclear if anyone faces charges because police did not provide an offense report for the incident. A motorist who allegedly was operating a vehicle with a suspend license was pursued; charges are pending.


Despite repeated requests, police did not provide a report of their activities.


Jan. 4 — Officers joined sheriff’s deputies in the high-speed pursuit of a vehicle was traveling west on US-50 through Florence from Chase County. Speeds were reported at up to 105 mph. Spikes were deployed at the Harvey County line but were not effective. Spikes were deployed a second time in Harvey County, were initially thought to be ineffective but eventually were. County officers were told to back off and let Chase and Harvey Counties take the lead once the pursuit entered Harvey County.

A report of battery at Westview Manor was completed. Charges are pending.

Thursday — A report of battery involving a child was investigated.

Friday — A report of a driver with a history of being a violent offender chasing a woman at high speed from Walton was investigated; no citation was issued.

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