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Polka is more than song and dance

Club sponsors dance, watermelon feed at lake

Staff writer

Hopping or galloping as they circle the floor, some were compelled to let out an excited whoop or holler.

Polka is a way of life for many of who attended the Mid-Western Polka Club dance and watermelon feed Sunday at Marion County Lake hall

Joyce Buckley, vice president of the club, remembered when Pilsen had three dance halls devoted to polka.

“There were five polka bands just in Pilsen, and more would come in on the weekends,” Buckley said. “There was even a bandstand between World War I and World War II.”

Club president Roman Humlicek, said many polka bands, like the Czechlanders Polka Band that played Sunday, featured family members.

Polka can be more than music and dance. To Humlicek’s wife, Alice, is a community that has helped support her in troubled times.

“Back in August of 2011 I was riding a float in Wilber, Nebraska and I fell off our float and hit my head,” she said

She had to have surgery because of swelling in her brain.

“While I was recovering polka club members sent over 60 emails,” she said.

All related how people were keeping her in their prayers.

Humlicek had to go through speech and physical therapy. Having the club’s support was a great boon.

She made a full recovery, and on Sunday, she and Roman danced together.

Last modified July 17, 2013