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Popular Peabody scarecrow festival will play again

Staff writer

One of the more successful community events of 2015 was the first Scarecrow Festival in October.

Organizer Peggy Phillips said afterward that participation was great and there would definitely be a second parade of scarecrows around town in 2016.

“We had 38 signed up to be judged last year,” she said. “And we had many more entrants who didn’t request judging, but had their contributions in their yards or in front of their businesses.”

Phillips first came across the Scarecrow Festival idea in Ireland several years ago when she was visiting her daughter and grandchildren.

“So many that we saw incorporated the thatching process and were huge and detailed,” she said. “But there was lots of creativity involved in all of them and we saw the same enthusiasm here last year. People really got into it.”

Phillips said she thought it would be great if people used straw to make their scarecrows, but it is not a requirement. Stuffing them with newspaper, shopping bags, rags, or anything else that gets the job done will work.

“The most important thing is that they must be homemade,” she said. “Purchased scarecrows won’t qualify and will not be judged.”

Judging will take place Oct. 8, and anyone planning to be judged should contact Phillips before that date at (316) 258-7975 to get on the list.

Scarecrows will remain up through the month of October.

“We hope every business, school group, club, and family will enter a scarecrow,” she said. “The judging will be on Peabody-Burns High School homecoming and there will be visitors in town. It would be nice to have scarecrows lining Walnut and 2nd sts. to the park for the game.”

Prizes will be $50 for first place, $25 for second, and $10 for third.

Winners last year were Peabody Girl Scouts for first prize with a camp scene of scarecrow scouts. Peabody Farm Service places second with a figure made of car parts and dressed in coveralls, and was third, the Jay Gfeller family with four straw-stuffed Gfeller-looking scarecrows.

The second annual chili cook-off will take place from noon to 3 p.m. the same day at the HUB. There is no charge to enter a favorite chili, but tasting and judging kits will cost $6. Money raised will go to support the HUB. Peabody Fourth Fire District will be defending its‘‘best chili of 2015” claim.

Nancy McLeod is in charge of the cook-off. She can be contacted at (620) 382-5804.

Last modified Sept. 15, 2016