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Preacher has all his wagons covered

Staff writer

Randy Boehmer’s life is a journey, but he’s not worried about his destination.

If you ask where he is headed he will tell you it doesn’t matter.

He hasn’t been going anywhere in particular for more than a decade that he has spent spreading the Gospel in a covered wagon, but he is pretty sure he will get there.

“I got saved,” he said as he filled tanks for his Belgian draft mules with water Friday at Ampride.

A taxidermist for 40 years, Boehmer’s decision was spurred by heartbreak when he lost his parents, and then his wife.

He and his siblings were cleaning out his parent’s garage when his sister told him he could pitch anything he didn’t want.

It was then he realized that his possessions meant nothing.

“I let Jesus into my heart and I just had to share that with other people,” he said.

His covered wagon sports a billboard for his message: “Believe in the Lord Jesus and Thou Shalt Be Saved.”

Boehner hopes it will be seen by thousands as he keeps traveling the U.S.

His cowboy lifestyle looks Spartan, but Boehner say he likes the slower pace of his wagon.

“You can really see things,” he said. “It’s not at all like being in a car.”

Like many cowboys he takes pride in the toughness of his team.

“God made them to work,” he said of his mules. “I pulled them over by the side of the road on a hot day to rest them and I looked and saw the mules was pawing the ground – They wanted to get going.”

After several days in Marion County he was back on the road.

Last modified June 30, 2021