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Property for ambulance station to be purchased

Staff writer

Although land to build an ambulance station will be purchased near the Hillsboro police department, many questions remain to be answered as commissioners and Hillsboro authorities iron out plans.

The decision to buy land near the department building on Ash St. capped a year of negotiation between Hillsboro and county officials over where to move the Hillsboro station.

County ambulances are housed in Hillsboro’s fire department and employees stay in nearby apartments.

For months, commissioners and Hillsboro city council members were at loggerheads over whether to put the ambulance station near the police department, where Hillsboro wanted it, or elsewhere.

Commissioners voted Monday to purchase property on the same block and build a new 50’ x 80’ station. That size building is twice as large as a typical house in Kansas.

The design and cost of the building will be determined later.

Emergency medical service director Travis Parmley said the station would need both ambulance storage and sleeping quarters for on-duty staff.

His rough estimate for construction was $450,000.

Commissioner Jonah Gehring said he wanted an option for additional square footage in the land purchase contract with Hillsboro. This would allow room for a bigger building if one is needed.

Commissioner Kent Becker said the county has been working to improve ambulance service longer than he has served on the commission.

“This is a long-term project,” Becker said.

Commissioners directed Parmley to begin preliminary planning for the building.

Last modified Jan. 28, 2021