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Property on S. 4th St. deemed unfit

Staff writer

Residents of 413 S. 4th St. were ordered Friday to move off the property within 14 days.

The address is the home of Ashley and Justin Loomis, a brother and sister often jailed on suspicion of drug offenses, theft, and possession of stolen property.

Both also have criminal histories in Dickinson County.

The property has been deemed “unfit for human habitation due to conditions which exist that are dangerous or injurious to the health, safety or morals of the occupants … or other residents of the neighborhood; or which have a blighting influence on properties in the area, by the City of Marion Public Officer.”

The notice placed on the door lists:

  • Lack of water for sanitary facilities.
  • Disrepair of the residence.
  • Unsafe electrical cord power items in the residence and out building.
  • Cleanliness of the residence, out buildings and property.

The Loomises reportedly are living in an outbuilding on the property. The entire structure and all outbuildings were declared unfit for habitation until written approval is secured from the city building inspector.

The notice told the Loomises they could choose demolition instead of repair.

“If you fail to take care of these issues within 14 days after all occupants are vacated as set out herein, a formal hearing will be set to determine the outcome and will be served upon you in accordance with Marion City Code,” the notice reads.

Appraisal records list the property as being owned by the Loomises’ late father, Michael T. Loomis, who died in June 2020.

Last modified Feb. 24, 2022