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Proposed dog park will need to be relocated

Staff writer

Marion Girl Scouts asked the city council Monday to approve relocating a proposed dog park to Ann’s Park.

Troop leader Brenda Soyez said the original planned site across the street and east of Ann’s Park would have to be sprayed for trees and mowed.

Additionally, installing a fence around that area would be a problem.

“My fence guy was really concerned about the fence because of water that flows through there,” Soyez said. “He didn’t think the fence would hold.”

The troop has raised almost enough money for the dog park, but still have fundraisers planned, Soyez said.

“At this point I don’t think we’ll have it divided between big dogs and little dogs,” Soyez said.

Parks and recreation director Margo Yates told council members that troop members would talk to neighbors around Ann’s Park to make sure they are OK with having a dog park there.

Council members voted to move the next city council meeting to Nov. 12 for lack of a quorum on Nov. 4 and Veteran’s Day.

Last modified Oct. 24, 2019