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Purple truck honors daughters

Staff writer

Patrons of Marion’s Old Settlers’ Day parade likely saw Don Hasenbank’s 1965 Chevrolet half-ton C-10 pickup Saturday. With a “K-State purple” paint job, it was hard to miss.

However, its paint job wasn’t always so royal.

“It was in pretty bad shape when I got it,” he said. “It was all rusted and dented.”

Knowing that he was handy in the shop, his daughter, Stacie Marsden, bought it for him as a surprise Father’s Day gift several years ago.

“I had one like it years ago that I liked but let go by the wayside,” Hasenbank said. “This one she got me took about a year and a half to restore.”

Hasenbank restored the truck with the help of his nephew and son-in-law.

“Every bolt was out of it,” he said. “We redid the frame, replaced the front fenders, the rocker panels, and put a new 250 six-cylinder engine in it. We also put a new wood floor in the back of it.”

This year, they amped up the restoration process to try and complete it before a family reunion in June.

“We were busting our butts to get it ready in time,” Hasenbank said. “I found out I had lung cancer. I’m still fighting it.”

When it came time to paint it, he knew the perfect color.

“We painted it K-State purple,” Hasenbank said. “All my daughters went there. I wanted to show Stacie how much I appreciated the present.”

Aside from the parade, he said he hasn’t had a chance to drive it much yet because he was getting some of the “bugs” out of it.

“It works now and we can enjoy it so the family has really been after me to do something with it,” he said. “I figured this parade was a good one to drive it in. My wife, Diana, and all my kids graduated from Marion High.”

His grandson, Austin, rode with him and threw candy.

“I love driving it,” Hasenbank said. “I still need to take Stacie for a spin. It’s like new and it drives even better.”

Last modified Sept. 29, 2016