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Q&A with Goessel valedictorians

Kale Funk

How was your final year at school, with COVID-19 and everything?

Funk: “I would say it was very similar to a regular school year, except with teachers constantly reminding us to follow guidelines.

But besides that, it didn’t feel very different, it was still fun being around my friends all year, a lot better than last Spring during lockdown.

What are your plans for after high school?

Funk: “I’m planning on attending Hutchinson Community College for a degree in business administration, then pursue my bachelor’s degree at a four-year school nearby.

Dawson Duerksen

How was your final year at school, with COVID-19 and everything?

Duerksen: My final year at Goessel High School seemed pretty normal other than the fact that everyone had to wear a mask.

It was a little annoying at times to always be wearing one, but that didn’t stop us from learning and having fun just like a normal school year.

The faculty and staff did a great job of keeping everything COVID-19 friendly so that we could continue in-person school the entire year while also being safe.

I know that other schools had to go remote for part of the year or had to use hybrid schooling where only half of the students could go to school at a time and the other half stayed at home and logged into school online.

We were lucky to only have to quarantine a few people throughout the year, which made the school year seem pretty normal. I couldn’t have asked for a better senior year during these challenging times.”

Last modified May 20, 2021