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Record recycling creates windfall

Staff writer

Marion County recycled more tons in May than it ever has.

Improving on its previous high by more than 18 tons, the county recycled 53.82 tons, netting the county a windfall of about $3,200 for May alone.

While the county pays $30 for each ton of waste, it receives about the same for each ton it recycles with transportation costs factored in.

Hillsboro had single-week recycling runs in April and May, but transfer station director Bud Druse said it’s a collective effort that led to the increase.

“Everybody’s starting to get involved,” Druse said. “They’re realizing it’s a good thing to do.”

The county has saved about $11,000 in 2015 by recycling materials that normally would have been thrown away.

It was the third month this year in which Marion County set a record, due in part to the City of Marion’s recycling program, which began in January.

“I’m pleased with the way it’s gone,” Marion city administrator Roger Holter said. “We are encouraged that we’ll be able to continue it into the next budget cycle.”

Holter said he’d like to continue with the program for the foreseeable future.

“I had a call this morning from new residents to our town,” Holter said. “They complimented us on having it available, they wanted to know what to do and how to get involved.”

He said the ease of single stream recycling has encouraged participation.

“Since the county made it so easy with the single stream, my wife is now taking our recycling to the transfer station,” said Holter, who lives at the county lake.

Druse cited the end of the school year and good weather as additional contributing factors.

“Centre High School was real good this past month, we had three pickups in May from them,” he said. “Each one was probably about three-fourths of a ton.”

Druse, who recently took over for Rollin Schmidt as transfer station director, said his habits at home have changed.

“When my wife and I started recycling, we set out two bags of trash a week. Now if we set out trash, we set out about half a bag,” he said.

Last modified June 17, 2015