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results and prize winners


Overall Redneck theme

“The Buttcracker” — a trailer park ballet performed by Julie Noeth, Tanya Eklund and children Rachael and Ryan, Amy Helmer, and Stephanie Syms.

Judges Choice

“Ye-Haul Moving Company” — Gertie and Hank Schubert’s granddaughter, along with her husband and 1 year-old son, move to Ramona from Colorado. Performed by LeeRoy, Kristina, and Clayton Kraemer.


First: “Redneck Online Banking” — First National Bank of Hope employees hung money on a clothesline to demonstrate the advantages of online banking.

Second: “Redneck Carousel” — performed by Paige and Andy Madron; and Jim, Ashley, and Emma Stroda.

Third: “Redneck Dishwasher” — Jim Pecinovsky washes his truck and dishes at the same time.


First: 1951 Chevy; Darren Hajek, Tim Baker, Mike Chamberlain Jr., Trent Hajek, and crew.

Second: 1923 Model T Ford Hot Rod; Billy and Rohani Alcorn.

Third: Shields Service and Supply; Gavin Shields and Nicole Del Castillo.

general adult

First: Ramona Maintenance Crew; Billy Alcorn, Dave Staatz, Jeannie Goza.

Second: DD’s Used Weapons; Jessica Gilbert.

Third: Hajek Enterprises; Jason Hajek, Joe Richmond, and Brett Hajek.


First: Ramona Biker Club; Kaitlin Brunner, Patrick and Janel Dones, and Dylan and Josh Radke.


First: “Redneck Mobile Water Park” — Amber, Michael, and Kaydence Lopez, and Sisly and Colt Sheriden.

Second: “Redneck Lawn Services” — Jen and Ben Davis; Rachel, Alex, and Isaac Fenske; Mike and Carter Shearer; and Journey and Gentry Hokum.

Third: “Girl Power Taxi” — Jenna and Julia Brunner and Alexis Craney.

obstacle course

First: Brian Davis

Second: Tyler Boyd

Third: Jeni Davis

nail driving

First: Jim Thompson

Second: Dallen Thompson

Third: Karen Dalke

clipping Creations contest

First: Makenzie Deines

Second: Lacey Wingerd

Third: Jenna Remmers, Mathew Madron, and Cassy Thompson.

3-on-3 basketball

Adult winners: Joel Wright, Adam Maag, Will Case, and Trevor Troutt.

Youth winners: Chase Stringer, Eli Hett, Evan Heidebrecht, and Jared Rahe.

redneck 2-mile run

Girls 12 and under: 1. Audrey Smith, 2. Morgan Albrecht, and 3. Olivia Carlson

Boys 12 and under: 1. Taylor Smith, 2. Simon Schmitz, and 3. Tyler Nickel.

Boys 13 to 17: 1. Brock Hazelton.

Women 18 to 24: 1. Saren Hobelman, 2. Mallory Stroda, and 3. Anna Weber.

Men 18 to 24: 1. Tracy Schmitz, and 2. Austin Schmitz.

Women 25 to 34: 1. Molly Gentz, 2. Stephanie Symns, and 3. Bethany Carlson.

Men 25 to 34: 1. Luke Ricketts.

Women 35 to 44: 1. Jolene Albrecht, 2. Shannon Granzow, and 3. Angie Becker.

Men 35 to 44: 1. Neil Albrecht.

Women 45 to 55: 1. Amy Schmitz, 2. Mary Pfeffer, and 3. Dorothea Thompson.

Men 45 to 55: 1. David Thompson, 2. Jeff Miller, and 3. Randy Kelsey.

Women 56 and older: 1. Amy Moore, and 2. Delores Siggs.

Men 56 and older: 1. D Moore, and 2. Junior Hanschu.

Overall Winner: Tracy Schmitz.

redneck 10-Kilometer run

Boys 13 to 17: 1. Oliver Schmitz, and 2. Lucas Westbrook.

Men 25 to 34: 1. Jason Miller.

Women 25 to 34: 1. Kylee Polok.

Men 35 to 44: 1. Mike Westbrook.

Women 45 to 55: 1. Jo Dee Westbrook.

Men 56 and older: 1. Mike Moran.

Overall winner: Oliver Schmitz.

Most Redneck award: Luke Ricketts.

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