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Residents invited to paint like Tom Sawyer

Staff writer

In an event far from the punishment of Tom Sawyer, the city of Marion is hosting a “Tom Sawyer” painting party to help restore the mural in Liberty Park.

“It’s a community minded way to repaint the mural and keep a unique thing going in our town,” city administrator Roger Holter said.

Holter is asking residents to join him in giving the mural a facelift and sharing a cookout from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday.

“That way it can get a facelift before Chingawassa Days,” he said.

The mural was painted on the wall shortly after Sept. 11, 2001. Last year repairs done to the wall left lines in the mural, and after no money was budgeted to fix the mural, the city considered painting the wall white.

“Some said just paint the wall white and be done with it but I hate to get rid of that history, plus this would be a fun light-hearted event,” he said.

The city will provide the paint and a hot dog lunch and refreshments for anyone wanting to help paint. A section of the mural will be painted white to allow those who help sign their names and be recognized for their assistance in redoing the mural.

After the red, white, blue, and yellow paints are dry, Holter will return to complete the outlines in black.

He hopes the mural is completed in time for Flag Day on June 14.

Last modified June 5, 2014