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Roofers descend on Marion

Contractors followed on the heels of storm were issued permits, but mayor is seeking governor’s advice

Staff writer

Roofing contractors were thick on the ground in Marion Monday and Tuesday following a weekend hail storm.

Some of the contractors were sent by insurance companies to adjust claims, and some were going door-to-door in hopes of drumming up business.

Marion has an ordinance that prohibits door-to-door peddling without a city-issued permit. Police chief Clinton Jeffrey said three permits were issued.

“City hall has gotten calls from some people concerned about it during the pandemic,” Jeffrey said.

City administrator Roger Holter said companies started showing up Monday to go door-to-door.

Although three permits were issued, Holter and mayor David Mayfield decided to contact the governor’s office seeking clarification on whether roofing contractor sales calls are considered “essential.”

No more peddlers’ permits will be issued until the governor’s office responds.

In the meantime, contractors seeking peddler’s permits are being told none will be issued until the statewide stay-home order expires, Holter said.

Although home maintenance is considered an essential business, sales calls are not “home maintenance.”

“We’re having a rash right now,” Holter said. “At least nine additional companies have filled out applications. They want to go door to door.”

Holter said residents are not required to open a door for anybody.

“If anyone reaches out to their insurance company or directly to a roofer, that’s all good,” Holter said.

Last modified April 15, 2020