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Rural home becomes an oasis in paradise

Staff writer

Dean and Renae Pusateri are turning Renae’s parents’ rural home into a peaceful homestead haven where they can grow what they need to live life as they see fit.

The couple bought her parents’ place east of Aulne, and Dean has worked steadily since February planting and remodeling.

The couple has installed irrigation, fenced off property sold from the original acreage, created outdoor leisure space, and planted trees, flowers, and a kitchen garden.

Renae grew up in Burns. Dean grew up in California until his mother moved to El Dorado when he was a high school senior. They have lived in several states.

It’s a good change from the aviation management job from which Dean retired. He has lost 25 pounds since he began the work.

“I didn’t really plan on retiring, but I retired at 57 because I could,” Pusateri said.

He replaced the well, moved trees, planted new ones, planted produce, graveled a driveway and parking area, created the property’s first outdoor sitting area, and put in hops to make home-brewed beer, and grapevines that produce the best wine grapes.

Other projects include a chicken coop and chickens, and raising kittens abandoned by their mother.

“I’d like to eventually have a small animal farm,” Pusateri said.

He wants goats, cattle, horses, chickens, and a small menagerie of animals to provide food.

“One thing about living out here is, my wife has migraines and I try to grow a lot of natural foods,” Pusateri said.

He also wants to avoid foods that cause allergic reactions in their son.

He sees himself adding leisure areas until there are shady areas all around the house where people can enjoy the outdoors.

A sandy beach and a pond will be perfect for his grandkids.

Also in the works is a barbecue. A smoker fueled by dead limbs he harvests from trees already stands on the property.

“I like to smoke a lot of different meats,” he said.

Last modified Aug. 5, 2021