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staff photo by alexander simone

Marion Historical Museum is scheduled to have a sale Friday and Saturday to help fund a secondary museum space featuring items donated by Marvin Larsen. The sale will include only items that are not antiques, or are too difficult to fit in the expanded space. Museum president Peggy Blackman and two volunteers sort through a bag of clothes to find what will be sold.

Sale to benefit museum expansion

Staff writer

Marion Historical Museum’s garage sale Friday and Saturday will help pay for a new space in which to expand.

Items from rural Peabody resident Marvin Larsen’s posthumous donations will be featured. The sale will include only those items difficult to fit in, like some glassware, or modern items like a four-burner gas range.

“It’s not anything we’d be utilizing to set up his homestead and an annex,” museum president Peggy Blackman said. “We’re keeping all the vintage antiques. We’re not selling any of those.”

The sale will be at Marion’s airport, which is where any overflow items are being stored.

“We’re not moving again, believe me,” she said. “It took a commercial mover and many trips to get all of it to the airport hanger, and we have no space at the museum to set it up.”

Blackman said items would be reasonably priced.

“It doesn’t do any good for us to mark prices expensively and not move any items,” she said.

If the details can be worked out, Blackman’s hope is to use Marion’s Bowron building for the museum’s expanded space.

Last modified June 10, 2020