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Scholars' bowl offers chance to test knowledge

Student writer

A broad base of knowledge and wit are tested at any scholars’ bowl meet, said contestants on Marion’s varsity team

At the words “trivia night,” many families, friends, and others gather around a table to compete in a “battle of wits.” The knowledge needed to win trivia night can be off-the-wall and seemingly useless, but these are just the type of question found at a typical scholars’ bowl meet.

Marion sophomore Hannah Stubenhofer has been competing in scholars’ bowl four years, and decided to join the high school club after enjoying her time on the middle school team.

Contestants who are assertive and unafraid of incorrect answers do well, Hannah said.

“At least try it and go to meets,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to buzz in, even if you are wrong.”

Hannah’s favorite part of scholars bowl is learning new things.

This opportunity to learn something new, however, would not be open to students without coach Topher Rome. Rome has coached the scholars’ bowl team since his third year of teaching.

“I love interacting with students who are passionate about learning,” he said.

Joining the team can be an important experience because many students don’t realize how much information they retain from school, Rome said.

“Give it a shot,” he said. “I think most students would be surprised by how much interesting knowledge they have picked up over their educational careers.”

It might not seem like a spectator sport, but scholars’ bowl rounds are engaging and intense, Rome said.

The next scholars’ bowl meet is 4 p.m. Thursday at Hesston.

Last modified Dec. 4, 2019