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A summary of scores reported this past week by county coaches, parents, and school officials:



Ell-Saline 7, Marion 17.

Hillsboro 0, Lyons 7.



Marion County students scoring team points in a five-school middle school meet Thursday at Marion:

Boys, 7th grade

1002. Silas Nickel, Centre. 4. Teegan Kraus, Marion.

2001. Tripp Peterson, Marion. 2. Kraus.

4001. Peterson. 5. Samuel Rhiza, Centre.

8005. Rzhia.

1,6002. Micah Carlson, Centre. 3. Zayden Janzen, Marion.

100 hurdles4. Cooper Jirak, Marion.

200 hurdles3. Jordy Raymer, Marion. 5. Kole Kroupa, Centre.

4x100 relay2. Centre (Carlson, Brady Idleman, Rzhia, Nickel).

4x200 relay2. Marion (Janzen, Raymer, Hitch Soyez, Isaac Wesner).

Distance medley1. Marion (Jirak, Jackson Howard, Kraus, Peterson).

High jump2. Idleman. 4. Soyez.

Pole vault1. Peterson. 3. Wesner.

Long jump2. Jirak.

Triple jump3. Howard. 5. Soyez.

Shot put1. Nickel. 2. Howard. 5. Jason Ribelin, Centre.

Discus 1. Nickel. 3. Kraus.

Boys, 8th grade

Team 3. Marion. 5. Centre.

1004. Eldon Smith, Marion. 5. Landon Bryant, Marion.

200 3. Smith.

400 3. Sam Calvert, Marion.

1,6002. Elijah Klenda, Marion. 4. Harrison Beery, Marion. 5. Keenan Lange, Marion.

3,2001. Klenda. 2. Beery.

200 hurdles3. Jameson Looper, Marion.

4x100 relay4. Marion (Landon Bryant, Calvert, Lange, Jason Salsbury).

4x200 relay1. Marion (Looper, Kadon Mercer, Jesse Snyder, Wyatt Soyez).

Distance medley1. Marion (Smith, Mercer, Soyez, Snyder).

Pole vault2. Snyder.

Long jump4. Looper. 5. Soyez.

Triple jump2. Looper. 4. Soyez. 5. Snyder.

Shot put4. Jonah Svitak, Centre.

Girls, 7th grade

Team4. Marion. 5. Centre.

1004. Tiana Taylor, Marion. 5. Jaycee Stika, Centre.

2004. Dylan Kraus, Marion.

4001. Kraus.

100 hurdles2. Stika.

4x100 relay4. Marion (Alycia Jones, Eliza Richardson, Jessica Methvin, Delaney Hostetler).

4x200 relay2. Marion (Methvin, Hostetler, Kaelynn Metro, Kate Wessel).

Distance medley3. Marion (Methvin, Metro, Wessel, Kraus).

Pole vault — 2. Kraus.

Long jump — 1. Stika. 2. Wessel.

Triple jump — 2. Wessel. 5. Vyolett Dawson, Marion.

Shot put — 3. Tandice Tajchman, Marion.

Discus1. Tandice Tajchman, Marion. 2. Ryleigh Jones, Center. 5. Cheyenne Wilson, Marion.

Girls, 8th grade

Team 2. Marion. 5. Centre.

1003. Kayla McPhail, Marion.

2005. Shyann Harris, Marion.

4002. Sydney Smith, Centre.

800 2. Maria Carlson, Marion. 5. Gabrielle Stuchlik, Marion.

1,600 3. Stuchlik.

100 hurdles4. Harris.

200 hurdles3. Kate Watkins, Marion.

4x100 relay2. Marion (Molly Bradfield, Lexie Branson, Lyana Rovelo, Stuchlik).

4x200 relay2. Marion (Shaliah Ensley, Hailey Harshman, Bradfield, Madisyn Hulett).

Distance medley2. Marion (Hulett, Harshman, Watkins, McPhail).

High jump3. Ensley.

Pole vault1. Harshman. 2. Watkins. 4 (tie). Bradfield.

Long jump3. McPhail. 5. Ensley.

Triple jump3. Harris. 5. McPhail.

Shot put2. Hulett. 5. Smith.

Discus 1. Hulett.


Marion High School students scoring team points in the 1A-2A division of a 33-team meet Friday.


800 5. Tristen Dye, junior.

1,6005. Luke Wessel, freshman. 6. Dye.

3,2004. Wessel. 6. Christopher Beery, junior.

100 hurdles6. Chance Shults, junior.

4x400 relay5. Marion (Shults, Jonathan Frese, Dye, Wessel)

Pole vault4. Shults.


200 4. Grayce Tankersley, senior.

400 4. Tankersley.

800 3. Heidi Grimmett, senior.

1,6001. Grimmett.

100 hurdles3. Gabby Newell, sophomore.

300 hurdles5. Kenna Wesner, freshman.

4x100 relay6. Marion (Newell, Addison Cooper, Grace Hett, Tankersley).

4x400 relay6. Marion (Wesner, Cooper, Taryn Kraus, Hett).

Long jump3. Wesner. 5. Grace Hett, sophomore.

Triple jump3. Wesner.

Discus 4. McKinnon Waner, junior.

Javelin 6. Waner.

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