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Security 1st Title luncheon packs house

Staff writer

The third annual Security 1st Title barbeque was Oct. 17 at the Marion Community Center and required additional seating, with enough food for 165 guests.

David Argyle and Ethan Pound are full-time cooks for Security 1st, working between 50 and 60 events across the state for 2018.

“It’s a very good thing to be in front of the customers and be a part of that,” Argyle said.

The pair does more than barbeque; they sometimes serve quesadillas, breakfast, or smoked salmon, depending on the occasion.

“It’s a good way for everyone to get together,” local resident and business owner Paul Swan said.

The lunch allows residents to share conversation over a meal, while taking a break from the day’s schedule, he said.

While family luncheons are a common venture to promote businesses, Security 1st hosted it to show appreciation for employees in Marion, whether working at the pharmacy or the sheriff’s office.

“We’re catering to the business communities and people who do service for the community,” company partner Craig Burns said.

The meals are a way for residents and business owners to get to know the employees at Security 1st outside a work setting, he said.

“At least they get to put the name with a face,” he said. “We get to say thank you.”

Security 1st was originally established to support the grassroots community, which is shown at events like the barbeque, Burns said.

“We wanted to keep it more local,” he said. “We’re trying to create jobs, not take them away.”

The events continue to rise in popularity, and currently attract 16,000 local community members across the state.

“Every year it grows and it’s always positive,” Argyle said. “There are very few times where someone shows up and says they left unhappy.”

Last modified Oct. 24, 2018