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SENIOR CENTER: The 'Tomato Fairy' strikes again

Marion Senior Center

After a summertime lull from his usual activities, a man shrouded in mystery, known only as the “Tomato Fairy,” struck again, when he recently gifted a box of late-season tomatoes to patrons of Marion Senior Center.

The Tomato Fairy earned his name last year by periodically dropping off bunches of tomatoes at the center, but no one was able to determine his identity.

A man was spotted leaving tomatoes at the front door last week. However, officials could not tell who it was or get to the door in time to take the license plate number of his car as he sped away.

If it is the same person, senior center officials question why the man wishes to remain anonymous. Officials remain adamant in their desire to discover the Tomato Fairy’s identity.

In other senior center news, patrons celebrated LaVaughn Klose’s birthday on Oct. 2 as well as Connie Fisher’s and Shirley Bowers’s birthdays on Oct. 5.

Darcy Bluma, sales membership manger for AirMedCare Network, gave a presentation Oct. 7.

Frankie Turner will speak on Oct. 21 at the center’s next Senior Center Day.

Patrons should also plan to bring their favorite forks on Oct. 23 in celebration of National Fork Day.

Last modified Oct. 15, 2015