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Seniors put personality into parking spots

Staff writer

While underclassmen were busy cleaning the park and youth center and painting curbs, Marion High School senior Megan Richmond and her 42 classmates were busy beautifying their parking spaces Thursday as part of community clean up day.

Her yellow painted parking space featured her name.

“The only rule is nothing vulgar,” she said. “Most paint their names and team number.”

Across the parking in front of the fine arts building Kelli Hess was painting her entire spot yellow.

“I feel sorry for whoever gets this spot next year,” she said.

Kelli coated the spot with over a half gallon of bright yellow paint. Inscribed on her spot was her name. She hoped later to add her graduation year and “maybe some hearts.”

Both Megan and Kelli said they have enjoyed painting their spots.

“It’s a little hot out,” Megan said. “Some people plan their spots out before they start, but I make mine up as I go. We’ll see how it ends up.”

Christian Czarnowsky created a stencil of a “Guy Fawkes mask” Sept. 25 to decorate his parking space near the intersection of Lincoln and Main Sts.

“I spent all night, until 3 a.m., working on that stencil,” he said.

Several parking spots were also painted behind the fine arts building.

“Students usually pick their spots closest to where their last class is,” Principal Tod Gordon said. “It’s the seniors’ project instead for community cleanup day.”

The tradition of painting the parking spots began three years ago when Gordon began as high school principal.

“Lots of smaller schools have a tradition like this,” he said. “The purpose is to try and give the senior class something to look forward to and enjoy each year.”

Seniors get the day off school to paint their spots and enjoy a late lunch with their classmates at the high school.

“It’s fun, and I think the majority of them have a good time,” he said.

Gordon said he oversees the painting and makes sure the spots contain nothing inappropriate.

“We have some creative kids who do a good job on them,” he said. “One students is big into FFA so he went and got John Deere green paint to paint his spot with. It’s a good way to make their senior year special.”

Last modified Oct. 3, 2013