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Service day leads to treasures, discoveries

Marion Historical Museum benefits from Tabor College’s freshman service project

News editor

Marion Historical Museum was bustling with activity Saturday as about 19 new Tabor College freshman helped museum curator Peggy Blackman with some long-overdue cleaning and sorting.

“Oh, my goodness, we dusted blinds that probably hadn’t been dusted in 20 years,” Blackman said. “We cleaned the front windows, we cleaned out the closets behind the curtains.”

Some students sorted through boxes of donated newspapers while others helped take items out of the basement. And along the way, there were discoveries.

“We’re finding all kinds of treasures,” Blackman said, “and boxes of old pictures.”

Sending new students into the community to do service activities is something Tabor has been doing for almost 50 years, coordinator Lee Waldron said.

“We get them out all around the county and put them to work for half a day and just really encourage them to dive in and give it their all,” Waldron said. “They’re going to be living in the community, they’re going to be living in the county; it’s a great way to start college to do something good for people that are going to host you and bless you over the years.”

It likely won’t be the last time students help out at the museum.

“Their sponsor said every other month I can have somebody come in and help,” Blackman said. “That would be so helpful.”

A student who overheard the comment called out an enthusiastic response.

“You don’t have to twist my arm,” she said. “I’ll be here.”

Last modified Aug. 31, 2017