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Several county businesses offer delivery to seniors

Staff writer

For seniors who find it increasingly difficult to leave home, there are several local businesses who will deliver essential needs right to the doorstep.

Local grocery stores across the county deliver for no or a small delivery fee.

Carlsons’ Grocery Store delivers to those within Marion city limits and at the lake for a $1 delivery fee.

Co-owner Greg Carlson said the store has been delivering to seniors forever, and are glad to help the elderly of the community.

“We know some of them need a little more help, so we send our elves out to deliver what they need,” he said.

The store takes grocery orders before noon and delivers them on Tuesday morning. They have a special delivery van they use to take the groceries. Carlson said they usually deliver to anywhere from eight to 12 residents a week.

Greg Carlson’s son, Nick Carlson, and nephew, Chase Carlson, alternate taking the deliveries every other week.

“I really enjoy taking them,” Nick Carlson said. “There’s several I deliver to every week and they’re fun. They always ask how I’m doing and check up on things happening in my life. Most of them are very nice and funny.”

Merrill Branson said he and his wife, Jean, wouldn’t be able to make it without the delivery service. Until last week, the Bransons did not have access to a car. Nick Carlson delivers essentials to their house every week. During deliveries, the couple jokes and catches up on events from his life.

Nick Carlson said with the low cost for delivery the store actually loses money, but it is not the money that counts.

“I think my dad knows that his parents are getting to the age where they will need the service soon, so he doesn’t want to do away with it,” he said. “With the large elderly population we want to do what we can to help customers.”

Peabody Market owner Rick Turner said they deliver to five or six people a week for no delivery fee. Customers are asked to call with their orders on Friday morning.

“We try to get all orders out by noon on Friday,” Turner said.

Both Hillsboro grocery stores, Dale’s Supermarket and Vogt’s Hometown Market, offer free delivery to seniors any day of the week. Vogt’s manager Todd Vogt said they deliver to a few regulars.

Keith’s Foods in Goessel has been delivering to local seniors forever, according to owner Keith Banman. He said the delivery route is pretty small, but will take deliveries any day of the week for people who need them.

Several pharmacies also deliver prescription medication to seniors.

Greenhaw Pharmacy of Hillsboro has a program called Meds on Track. The pharmacy delivers a month’s supply of medicine to seniors within the city limits for a $1 delivery fee. They also deliver to residents outside of town for a fee based on miles driven.

Owner Eric Driggers said they have 70 regulars they deliver to every month. The pharmacy sorts the medicine into daily doses in week increments.

“It takes a lot of guess work out of medication for most seniors, that way they aren’t missing doses and taking the right amount,” he said. “It’s also a lot more convenient for them.”

The pharmacy has been offering their delivery program for over 10 years, Driggers said.

Marion Health Mart offers a similar program, except they deliver in the evening, also for no delivery fee.

Don’s Drug Store in Peabody also delivers for free. Pharmacist Ken Krehbiel said the program was started 33 years ago.

“People call and we take them their meds,” he said. “We try to condense it down to one day a week, but if people need medicine we will take it whenever.”

He said the pharmacy continues the program as a service to the elderly who may not be mobile enough to drive to the store.

“Sometimes it’s hard for them to get out and about,” he said. “This helps make sure they stay safe and get what they need.”

Last modified Oct. 23, 2013