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Snapper goes on grocery run

Staff writer

Conner Montgomery was closing Carlsons’ Grocery Store when a co-worker, who was locking the doors, noticed a strange visitor attempting to make its way in.

A snapping turtle nearly a foot in length was in front of the store’s ice machines, moving toward the entrance.

While it’s hard to tell what food products the turtle was looking for, it was quite perturbed to be disturbed by Montgomery, so much so that he had to call his uncle, Lloyd Davies, to remove it.

“We went outside and looked at it and we didn’t know what to do with it,” Montgomery said. “My uncle I know had removed turtles from other areas in the past.”

Davies removed the turtle from the store and released it into Mud Creek behind his home.

“We’ve moved turtles and snakes and other wildlife before,” Davies said. “It’s better than having someone just kill it.”

Montgomery said he had no idea where the turtle had come from so far into town and was worried if it wasn’t removed it would be hit by a car or bite someone.

Last modified June 19, 2014