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State offers voter ID

Starting this year, Kansans must present photo identification at the polls before voting in local and state government elections in accordance with the voter identification provision of the Kansas Secure and Fair Elections Act.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Office of Vital Statistics has developed guidelines for residents who wish to obtain a non-driver free identification card. They may apply for a free birth certificate, which will enable them to receive a free photo ID card from the Division of Vehicles.

To qualify for a free birth certificate for the purpose of obtaining a free photo ID, a person must 1) not possess any documents listed as valid photographic identification documents under Kansas law, 2) lack any of the documents necessary to prove identity, 3) sign an affidavit attesting to items 1 and 2, 4) be registered to vote in Kansas, and 5) have been born in Kansas.

The ID card will not be a free driver’s license, just a non-driver identification card. Cardholders cannot simultaneously hold a Kansas driver’s license and a Kansas non-driver identification card. Applicants will be issued only one birth certificate under this program. The card may be shared with other agencies.

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For more on voter ID and voter registration requirements, visit the Secretary of State’s “Got Voter ID” website at

Last modified Feb. 9, 2012