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Store plans to eliminate clutter

Staff writer

TC’s What-Not Shop has always had antique and nostalgic items for sale on its porch storefront, but that will all change March 30 when owner Theresa Carroll has the items removed.

There are currently hundreds of items outside the store. Carroll put a sign in front of her store last week, indicating the items needed to be purchased by the above date or they would be removed from the property.

“They can’t come back in the store,” vendor Judy Dannenfelser said as she assisted a customer. “I know, for me personally, I just don’t have room for it in my little space. It’s just not one person’s stuff out on the porch. We all have a little corner of it — and now it all needs to go. I guess if it’s not gone by the end of the month, I’ll have to bring it back home. I’m not going to make room for it here.”

Carroll said it was up to the individual store vendors on whether they offer their items at a discounted price, but said she encouraged them to do whatever they could to sell their wares.

Vendor Karen Egts said she wasn’t going to discount her merchandise and didn’t think any of the other venders would either.

“It was just something fun to do,” she said. “Nobody’s telling us what we can and cannot do, and we just decided it was time for something different. I would like to see us put some chairs and tables out there, so that the men could sit out there while they wait for the women to finish shopping.”

Dannenfelser said she liked that idea as well, explaining that men usually go through the store rather quickly compared to women shoppers.

Justine Smith said she was going to purchase an antique model car, which was hidden away among all the “junk” on the storefront.

“It’s been an eyesore for years,” the rural Lincolnville resident said. “I’m just glad they’re making an effort to get rid of all the crap out here. I wouldn’t want most of it, but you can sure find some real treasures if you look hard enough.”

Others, like customers Rodney and Charlotte Gilbert, are disappointed about the change, saying that it will make the store look less enticing.

“People just driving through Marion often stop at that store because they can tell what’s inside,” he said. “My friend from Wichita said he stopped by there, just to look around because he was fascinated by all the junk out in front.”

But the vendors have a different opinion entirely. After they get rid of the items on the porch, they plan to transform the space — although they are not sure what they are going to do.

“We’ll have to surprise you,” Egts said. “But one thing is for sure: It’s going to look better than it does right now.”

Last modified March 21, 2013