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Students, bank donate over $1,500 to disaster relief

Staff writer

Marion High School students raised $654.79 for hurricane relief in a penny drive, surpassing the $500 goal.

Seminar classes collected pennies for donation to the Red Cross to help people affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Pennies counted as positive points for classes, but students could drop other coins or dollar bills in the jars of other classes to take away from their scores. Overall, 11 of 18 classes had negative scores.

Shaun Craft’s seminar class had the high score of $143.46, winning glazed doughnuts from Casey’s. The most negative score, which does not correspond to money raised, was Brea Campbell’s class with negative $57.87.

Tampa State Bank did more than match the funds, contributing $1,000 to the students’ efforts.

The bank also is collecting funds at both branches to aid people in Tampa, Florida, and will match up to $1,500.

Last modified Sept. 28, 2017