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Students stoked about prom

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After having to forego prom last year, upperclassmen at Marion and Hillsboro high schools were excited about Saturday’s events.

“Prom is even more meaningful because I get to dance one last time with my classmates and finally do something that feels ‘back to normal,’ ” said Hillsboro senior Teegan Werth.

“Since we didn’t have prom last year, it definitely makes us all a lot more thankful that this happened,” said Marion senior Emma Calhoun.

She bought a new dress online and let her friend borrow hers from last year because she wanted something she loved for her first and senior prom. Seth Lanning was her date.

“I was excited we could all come together and have a night full of laughter,” Emma said. “I will always have something to look back on when in college and starting a life.”

Teegan was “super excited” to finally be able to wear a dress she bought a year ago at Dillard’s Clearance in Town West Mall.

She had a detailed schedule for how she was going to prepare for the big event. It included painting her toenails and fingernails, and having her sister, Amyah, curl her hair and do her makeup. She was dressed by 5:15 p.m. and welcomed her friend and prom date, Ella Jost, to her house for pictures.

“Ella is a very special person to me and my family, and I have had many opportunities to hang out with her this year,” Teegan said. “With it being my last year, I wanted to make sure Ella had the same opportunity to attend prom as I did.”

Jessi Dalke had a different take on prom.

“I’m planning on going to it, but I think I would’ve been just as fine if there hadn’t been a prom this year,” she said. “I’m just ready to graduate.”

She bought a new dress that was on sale. She worked Saturday morning.

“At some point, I curled my hair, did my makeup, and got dressed,” she said. “It wasn’t a big deal, and I didn’t want to spend any more money on stuff that really doesn’t matter.”

She went with her brother, Eli, and her cousin, Kate.

“I was kind of excited about the after-prom party but not thrilled,” she said. “I’d honestly rather have gone home and slept so I could stay awake better during church the next morning. But my friends made me go, and I enjoyed it some.”

Dani-Quinn Klein was disappointed to not be able to take her boyfriend to prom because he is not a Hillsboro student, but that didn’t keep her from enjoying the big night.

“I was so stoked for prom this year,” she said. “As this year has taken away so much from my senior year, including dances, I am excited to dance it out with my classmates and peers one last time.”

She went with her friend, Landon Roberts, because he, too, is dating someone from another school.

She knew Saturday was going to be a long day, so she slept in.

In the afternoon, Adrian Unruh did her hair, and she put on makeup.

She put on a dress she bought a month ago at Nordstrom Rack and was ready for Landon at 5:30 p.m., to go to the park for pictures.

“The excitement and anticipation about prom has been building up for a while,” said Hillsboro senior Jessica Saunders. “It has definitely been increased by prom being canceled last year.”

She went shopping for a dress but didn’t find any that she liked better than the one she bought for prom least year at Dillard’s Clearance.

She did her own hair and makeup and attended prom with Caleb Diener.

“I was happy I could do something that felt more normal,” she said.

The Hillsboro students made even more memories by traveling to The Alley in Salina for their after-prom party.

“What is better than being sleep deprived with your friends?” Dani-Quinn said.

Marion High School students enjoyed their after-prom party. They stayed at the Sports and Aquatics Center and enjoyed inflatables and games.

Centre prom is Saturday

Centre juniors and seniors will gather with their dates Saturday at Lincolnville Community Center for a promenade and dinner.

The promenade will begin at 5 p.m. and dinner is at 6 p.m.

Students will travel to The Alley in Salina for an after-prom party.

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