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staff photo by phyllis zorn

Marion firefighters make sure a car fire that destroyed an SUV Thursday is completely out.

SUV destroyed by engine fire

Neighbors and nearby public works employees rushed to the scene of a car fire on S. Freeborn St. Thursday and started putting out the fire before firefighters even arrived.

Neva Hett had parked in Max Hayen’s driveway and about 15 minutes later noticed smoke passing in front of a window.

When she looked out, she saw the smoke was coming from the engine compartment of her car, police officer Duane McCarty said.

McCarty said the car’s wiring system, dash, engine compartment, and firewall were destroyed by the fire, and the interior was heavily damaged by water when the fire was put out.

Neighbor Jerry Dieter was first on the scene to try to extinguish the flames with a household fire extinguisher, but said the extinguisher didn’t perform well.

Last modified May 27, 2021