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Swamp Fox on hold as Jones seeks new building

Staff writer

With the youth center receiving an influx of volunteers, the social club that was temporarily occupying the building is seeking a new place to call home.

Owner Terry Jones said the project is on hold for now, but he’s looking for other options in the area to house the business.

“The way I planned, I was being very cautious to where if it doesn’t work out, I can handle it,” Jones said. “I can put it in storage for months then pull it out when I get a chance.”

While Jones’ caution softened the blow of losing his space, it didn’t help the fact that, for a business touting live sports broadcasts and an indoor golf simulator, Jones said, the time is now.

“It’s the ideal time to get started, with football and baseball going on. It’s starting to get colder outside,” he said. “Part of me knows I need to be open yesterday, the other part says, ‘Oh, you’ve got time.’”

Jones reiterated that he was happy for the Marion Advancement Campaign’s youth center to come back, but admitted it was bittersweet.

“The influx of volunteers is amazing, the youth center’s been a project of MAC’s for years,” he said. “But at the same time it’s like, well shoot.”

Jones has talked to “a few people that have space available,” and said a downtown location would be ideal. The dimensions required to house the golf simulator, however, are difficult to accommodate. Jones said a lot of available buildings either aren’t wide enough for right- and left-handed golfers to use, and some don’t have high enough ceilings.

“It’s a unique challenge, but we’re still moving forward,” he said.

Last modified Oct. 9, 2014