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Taking the bad with the good

I am wondering WHETHER anyone else noticed large groups of robins making an appearance this past weekend. I usually start to look for them in mid- to late-February, so it seems that a robin sighting just a couple of days into the new year is a bit early even for me.

As someone who experienced dreaded cold and snow in abundance from October until early May during my youth, I make a habit of denouncing winter weather. Seeing so many robins this early is pretty exciting. They appear to be fat and healthy and I am happy to have them in my yard.

I do not mind a bit of snow before Christmas, but as soon as the tree comes down, I am ready to start seeing daffodils. There is a flip side to that desire however. College basketball teams have just started conference play. I can watch lots and lots of games between now and the first week in April, so I don’t want to rush through the weeks until NCAA tournament play. What’s a girl to do?

I will also confess that watching the Jayhawks on Monday was quite an experience. I am always excited about Kansas teams and wish all of them well. However, that was one impressive contest. I am not sure I have ever seen anything quite like it and I am not sure I ever will again. What a game!

Evenings like that make winter doable — maybe even borderline fun. Maybe the snow will move around us this year. Maybe we will miss the ice and wintery mix. Maybe, with a little luck, there will be another basketball game that leaves my heart pounding for more than two hours.

Multiple robin sightings and college basketball action all in the same day — you cannot beat that.


Last modified Jan. 7, 2016