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All the businesses in the new downtown Tampa are now open. Jim’s Salon, the beauty shop operated by Cassandra Clemmer, opened Sept. 18. Trail Stop, the community grocery store, opened Saturday. The Tampa Fitness Center has been open since Aug. 1, and the meeting room has been used frequently.

Ramona Beisel and Ruth Moses accompanied Tom and Dee Duggan to the Senior Fair on Sept. 18 in Salina.

Bev and Tom Reid of Marion, Phyllis and Rod Mueller, and Paul and Edna Backhus attended a freshman football game Sept. 17 at Southeast of Saline High School. Phyllis’s grandson, Tyler Heath, played.

Tom and Dee Duggan attended a planning session Sept. 17 at Hillsboro Senior Center. They and other committee members were planning the annual meeting of Marion County Senior Citizens Board in October.

Sept. 16 dinner guests of Frank and Anna Mae Stika were Nikki Stenzel of Manhattan, Lori Moldenhauer and Ronnie and Lisa Hanschu and Anna. Dinner was topped off with birthday cake, ice cream, and decorated cookies in celebration of Anna’s 18th birthday.

Steve and Sheri Spohn took Georgia Spohn to Wichita on Sept. 15, picked up Norma Wagner, and treated them to dinner out. Georgia stayed with her sister until Sept. 17, when Gary and Carole Spohn joined them for dinner at Norma’s and brought Georgia home. These events were in celebration of Georgia’s birthday Sept. 20.

Jesse and Ashton Smith and Sydney of Pilsen, Russ and Julie Kerbs, and Lucille Kerbs had dinner Sept. 16 in Salina in celebration of Jesse’s birthday.

Christian and Connor Carter of Salina visited their great-grandmother, Mary Clemmer, on Sept. 18, while their mother, Cassandra Clemmer, was working in her salon.

Sept. 16 dinner guests of Paul and Edna Backhus were Bev and Tom Reid of Marion, Mike and Jennifer Jay and Cody of Hillsboro, Brad Backhus, Jason Backhus, and Alisha, Jared, Zach, and Cailey Barney.

Tom and Dee Duggan went to the Arts and Crafts Fair to visit their nephew and family, Jim and Diane Meade and their daughter, Jamie, of Wichita who had a booth there. Deb Hall and Kaylee of Herington also attended the fair and visited with the Meade family.

Adeline Bernhardt met Carl and Kathy Hubbard of Wellington in Hillsboro on Sept. 15 for dinner. The Hubbards were taking in the Arts and Crafts Fair in Hillsboro and Art in the Park in Marion.

Bev Reid of Marion, Jennifer Jay of Hillsboro, and Edna Backhus were among those attending the Arts and Crafts Fair on Sept. 15 in Hillsboro.

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