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Tampa ambulance crew chief resigns

After serving just six months in the job, Ron Mueller resigned Sept. 1 as chief of the Tampa ambulance crew.

Mueller replaced longtime crew chief Jesse Brunner, who resigned Feb. 28 at the request of county commissioners.

When asked why he resigned, Mueller said, “That’s a loaded question.”

“We’re facing some major challenges in Marion County that I’m finding difficult to overcome,” he said. “I hope it will run its course and will get better.”

He also said the extra amount of time he spent as crew chief was not worth the pay he received.

He was quick to assure everyone that the crew is getting along “really” well.

“We’re going to sit down together and work something out,” he said.

Mueller has been an emergency medical technician for 24 years and plans to continue in that role. He also is Tampa fire chief.

Last modified Sept. 23, 2015