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Tampa blacktop nearly complete

Staff writer

Road and Bridge Superintendent Randy Crawford reported Monday to Marion County Commission that crews were scheduled to complete asphalt work for 330th Road on Tuesday and that they would begin laying rock for shoulders next week.

“The commission would like to thank the men of Road and Bridge Department,” Commissioner Randy Dallke said. “They are taking pride in what they are doing. It’s very noticeable — if we’re not hearing complaining, we know we’re doing a good job.”

The county will also receive $25,000 back from APAC for a strip of road that did not meet asphalt specifications. On observations at the site, Dallke said the stretch of road was fit for driving.

In other business:

  • Fuel bids were approved for the Road and Bridge Department. Cooperative Grain and Supply’s bid of $25,511 was approved for 5,000 gallons of diesel and 3,000 gallons of unleaded fuel. Cardie Oil had the competing bid of $25,753.
  • Sign bids were approved for the Road and Bridge Department. D.C. Wholesale of Concordia won the bid for four stop signs, four railroad crossing sings, 49 left object markers, 75 right object markers for $1,992.
  • The commission discussed potential payments to the City of Marion for Fourth Street, which has deteriorated with heavy machine traffic from jail construction. Commissioners said they would meet with Marion city officials soon to discuss a street solution.
  • The commission received a response back from Kansas Sens. Jay Emler and Jeff Longbine about a bill, currently approved by the Kansas House of Representatives changing fixed business equipment to personal property tax and thus exempting it from appraisal. “Such a broad departure from current methods of property valuation would have far-reaching effects for peroperty owners in communities. Because of that we are in agreement that HB 2510, as written, is not good public policy,” the letter said.
  • County Appraiser Cindy Magill informed commissioners of a $1,622 purchase of new software for computers. The software will be purchased from Great Plains Computers. She said the graphing capability of the software was one of the major benefits of the upgrade.
  • Salary changes for two county treasurers employees celebrating a year of employment was approved. Kathy Swan went from $2,893 a month to $2,950. Diane Gurnett went from $2,132 to $2,168 a month.
  • A fireworks show was approved for residents 9 to 10:30 p.m. June 9 at 971 and 979 90th Road. The fireworks will be part of a wedding celebration.

Last modified May 17, 2012