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Tampa council dicusses culvert

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Most of the discussion at the Tampa City Council meeting Feb. 6 dealt with a grant application for replacing street signs. Mayor Tim Svoboda said he had counted 127 signs, including stop signs, other traffic signs, and street names. He received a cost estimate of $3,720 from a representative of the National Sign Company for replacing them.

Regarding lighting at the postal boxes, council member Wilbert Backhus said David Mueller has acquired the former grocery store building and would get wiring installed to the light.

Svoboda reported seven rural residents were dropped by Waste Connections and no longer have trash service. He said Mike Walsh of M&K Trash Service approached him about the city transferring trash service to his company.

In the discussion that followed, council members expressed appreciation for Waste Connection’s willingness to pick up trash too large for the dumpsters and the recycling service.

“I don’t think we want to change just for those seven customers outside the city,” Backhus said.

“I think we have a pretty good deal going,” council member Russ Kerbs agreed.

The council decided by consensus to stay with Waste Connections. There was some discussion of the possibility of the dropped customers bringing their trash to a more convenient pickup point.

Don Zaideman brought up an ongoing problem with alleged damage to his house from balls hit out of the ball field across the street from him.

“The ball field ends at the fence,” he asserted. “That’s the bottom line.”

Svoboda wondered if it might be possible to get a grant for rearranging the field with home plate on the west side so that balls hit over the fence would not go toward residences.

“This would be the ideal time to apply for a grant,” he said, because the fence is deteriorating badly and will soon need to be replaced.”

Last modified Feb. 15, 2012