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Teen-ager hangs flag in park as gesture of solidarity with France

Staff writer

A Marion High School student hung a sheet spray-painted to look like France’s flag from an arched entrance to Marion Central Park on Saturday night as “a symbol of solidarity” in light of recent terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere.

The student wished to remain anonymous, not wanting people to reflect on who did it, but rather why the flag was hung there.

“I feel like the events in France were awful, as do most people I would imagine,” the student said. “I decided to put up the flag as a symbol of solidarity, especially since France has been our ally since the Revolutionary War, and I haven’t been very happy with our reaction to recent terror attacks, not just in France, but around the world.”

The flag wasn’t just hung there out of respect for France, the student said, but also as a call to action.

“Things have gotten out of hand, and action needs to be taken,” the student said. “I just want people to know that someone cares. People died. Hanging a flag won’t change that. However, we cannot let their deaths be in vain.

“I am typically not for approaching headlong into a situation without thinking about consequences, but at this point, what else is there to do except fight? How many more will die?”

The student claimed to act alone for the most part, only employing the help of a sibling to get the supplies to create the flag.

Last modified Nov. 17, 2015