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The best Old Settlers' Day ever

Saturday marked my first time as a volunteer at Old Settlers’ Day, having joined Kiwanis in the past year. My main contribution was helping parade entries find their proper places before I had to put on my figurative reporter’s hat to cover the events.

But the fun really started Friday with homecoming. The Warriors ran to a lopsided victory against an overmatched Inman team. And I understand that the homecoming crowning came with a kiss for the first time in several years.

Early Saturday was cold, damp, and breezy, but the weather cheered up in time for the parade. There were more than 50 entries in the parade, and my favorite was Country Lakes Café, for handing out lemonade and hot dogs to spectators along the parade route — I had missed breakfast earlier in the morning.

Counting back every five years, every class since 1938 was represented, which is even better than was reported last week. OK, the class of 1973 still didn’t have an official entry in the parade, but at least one class member was in the parade. That was 15 different classes recognized.

In between shooting photos at the picnic, I was able to catch up with David Colburn, visiting from Spokane, Wash. He didn’t have a class reunion. Instead, he was in town working to prepare his mother’s house for sale. It was nice to see David again and find out how he is doing.

I think I was lucky when I went through the lunch line late, after most everyone had gotten their meals, because I got a slice of gooseberry pie. It was the perfect combination of tart and sweet, with a crisp crust.

The races after the picnic were fast and furious, and I had a difficult time keeping up with getting the names of all the winners. The best race was the open class three legged race, with honorary victors Nadine Hoch and her granddaughter, Hannah.

The band concert and introduction of classes having reunions finished the official events, but many of the classes had reunion events in the afternoon and evening.

I forget who mentioned it, but somebody told me it seemed like there was an unusually large number of young children at Saturday’s events, and I had noticed the same thing. It’s great to see the kids come out and enjoy events like that.

On top of all that, I wasn’t sidelined by my allergies like I was last year. Lots of fun, great turnout, and allergies under control — it sounds to me like the best Old Settlers’ Day ever.


Last modified Oct. 3, 2013