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The Eagle has landed, virally, with an owl

When Peabody farmer Derek Klingenberg installed a camera aimed at an eagles’ nest in a cottonwood tree on his farm, he didn’t know that a scene it captured would go viral.

The video of a bald eagle’s encounter with a rude Great Horned Owl has gained clicks in recent days.

The Peabody videographer has seen eagles on his farm for years.

In 2019, a couple showed up in the fall, set up a nest, and stayed through the winter.

They came back in late 2020 and started building up their nest.

Klingenberg decided to place a wireless video camera near it.

After an unsuccessful attempt to install a camera with a tall ladder a friend offered a bucket truck which reached 40 feet off the ground.

He caught some amazing footage.

“Eagles usually don’t spend the night on a nest,” he said. “They like to roost in a group.”

Klingenberg was shocked when he reviewed footage from Jan. 8, and caught a horned owl knocking one of the eagles off the nest.

He saved the moment and posted in online where it gained steam.

Since then, he has done some reading and learned that great horned owls usually take over old eagle’s nests — and they can be aggressive when they find a perch they want.

Klingenberg has named the pair Willie and Marie.

“They haven’t spent the night since,” he said.

A live feed of the nest is available on YouTube.

Last modified Feb. 4, 2021