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The sad state of boys

Whether to spend $1.2 million to hire an economic developer is not so much a question for debate as it is a symptom of a larger problem.

What Marion County lacks is not just economic development but the overall leadership necessary to ensure long-term vitality.

One of the ways true leaders are cultivated is by learning what it means to lead. And one of the best ways that teens, who will be our future leaders, can do that is by attending Boys or Girls State.

Boys State finished its 2017 run last week in Manhattan. Among the 430 high school students who participated from across the state, none were from Marion County. Zero, zip, nada.

A few years back, we asked why so few kids were going to Boys and Girls State each year. The answer was that it interfered with family vacations and sports camps.

Quality of life is a fine thing to pursue, and sports are fun. But we don’t need more fun and games. We need more leadership.

If more people in our county had more opportunities to learn skills that Boys and Girls State cultivate, perhaps we wouldn’t need so many costly government programs.

Or so many editorials criticizing them.


Last modified June 29, 2017