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They think I'm crazy

Staff writer

If you ask my kids to describe me, they will probably tell you I’m a bit crazy. But, if you ask me, I’m not crazy, I’m just a mom.

OK, so maybe I am a little bit crazy — about my kids.

It’s all about making memories. Out of the blue, make something boring into a laugh-until-you-cry moment.

Shopping, anyone? My oldest daughter Johsie and I were walking down Bridge Street in Vail, Colo., when suddenly it began to pour down rain. Everyone ran for shelter under the canopies and into the stores. However, Johsie and I looked at each other and thought, “It’s only rain.” We continued to slowly make our way down the street, window-shopping, and soaked to the bone. We acted as if it was a beautiful sunny day, while rain poured off us and we had to wipe our eyes just to see. The look on people’s faces were priceless. They looked at us as if we were crazy. And, we had to laugh.

How about the “marshmallow massacre?” While lounging around my daughter Nikki’s house one evening, there happened to be a bag of big marshmallows sitting next to me. I picked one up and gave it a hard toss across the room, nailing Nikki right in the forehead. Of course, my grandson thought that was hilarious, so he got a marshmallow and threw it at Grandma. Then my son-in-law Jessy came in the door with one of his friends and the massacre was on. There were marshmallows flying everywhere. And, again we had to laugh.

How about dancing? After leaving a family holiday gathering, we noticed we had our nephew’s coat in our car by mistake. We called him on his cell phone and told him we would pull over at the truck stop in Strong City and wait for him and give back his coat. It just so happened that my step- daughters, Jenny and Renae, were with us. We pulled up under the dimly lit gas pumps to discover the store was closed, but music was playing loudly through the speakers around the pumps. I knew something was up when the girls gave me “that look.” We jumped from the car against my husband’s objections and danced. We danced all around the empty parking lot, under the lighted canopy, and around the pumps. My husband shook his head. And we had to laugh.

My oldest grandson just turned 5 last week. I stopped by after work to join in the festivities my daughter planned. Mmmmmm, yummy cupcakes.

Let me explain, it really wasn’t my fault Jessy and his friend Chris decided they would snap me with a rubber band. A big rubber band, too. I just went to give Jessy a hug and somehow my cupcake ended up stuck to the side of his face. Of course, this called for retaliation. Before it was all over, we were covered in cupcakes and lots of frosting. And, we had to laugh.

Go ahead, ask my children. Crazy? Well, maybe just a little, but this mom sure loves laughing and making memories with her kids.

Last modified Oct. 17, 2012