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Too much to talk about

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What to write? Sometimes there is nothing specific to write about yet I feel like I should write something. Then there are other times that there is so much to write about I have trouble narrowing it down to a single topic. The latter is where I find myself as I sit down with my laptop.

Adam Stewart’s latest editorial ruffled feathers, including my own. Usually the best way to make a point is not to dismiss your readers with your first sentence. I’ll confess that after reading his first sentence it took me a few hours before I revisited his column to see what content was there. As a school board member, I could write about the results of our latest meeting as covered by the paper. I was disappointed to see the headline covered the vacant position and not the new anti-bullying initiative the elementary and middle schools are implementing in January or the content of the School Improvement Plans that all three buildings reported based on their test results and future expectations. Those were both buried after the vacancy write-up and they were off the front page.

I was also disappointed to see the logo for Speedy Cash on the flier for Scouting for Food. What a shame that Boy Scouts was in such a financial position that they accepted money from a predatory loan company and then agreed to advertise for them. The irony of the whole situation is that the program’s aim was to collect food for those who need food, yet Speedy Cash profits by loaning money to people who tend to be living in poverty. Maybe if instead of giving money to Boy Scouts, Speedy Cash could charge lower interest rates to its customers and some of them would have money left over to buy food and not need to go to the food bank at all.

Not everything to write about is stuff that disappoints me or frustrates me. Old Settlers’ Day a couple weeks ago was great! Next year I would like to see more people come out for the Old Settlers’ Day 5K at the lake. The win this past Friday night was a lot of fun to watch and I couldn’t have been more excited for the players and coaches.

Come on out to Hillsboro this week and support our team!

The rain we received was an added bonus for our drought stricken part of the country. We still need more, but we won’t complain about what we have received.

The trees in Marion are beautiful this year. Our October Glory Maple in our side yard was exceptional as it turned to a stunning red. There are beautiful yellows, oranges, reds, and maroons all over town. Go for a walk or a drive around town before all these leaves are on the ground or at the tree dump.

Well that is about all the space I have for this rambling list of opinions. Make the world around you a better place one day at a time and soon we will be amazed at how great our town, state, and country, and even our world are.

Last modified Oct. 17, 2012