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Tractor catches fire in garage near US-56

Firefighters were called to put out a fire 9:15 a.m. Tuesday after a tractor caught fire in a garage on US-56 a ½-mile west of US-77.

The John Deere tractor was leaking fuel from its tank, but firefighters quickly put out the blaze using water and a dry chemical extinguisher, said Marion fire chief Preston Williams.

“With machines there are always fuel leaks or oil leaks,” he said. “You use it and things get hot, then it can cause a fire that way.”

There was extra consideration needed since the tractor was in a barn when it caught fire, Williams said.

“Any time anything is in a structure then you can go from a vehicle fire to a structure fire,” he said. “You want to be prepared with plenty of water and it even affects which trucks you want to take out there.”

Dealing with a tractor fire is different from vehicle fires, Williams said.

“It’s going to have a bigger fuel tank, and they’re usually not clean,” he said. “You could have straw underneath.”

It’s standard to have three departments respond to a fire, but a request for a third department was canceled since Marion and Hillsboro firefirghters quickly put out the blaze, Williams said.

Last modified Feb. 27, 2020