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This information was filed in the traffic division of Marion County District Court. All fines include court costs.

Joshua R. Abel, Lawrence, Oct. 28, speeding, $143.

Kim Lee Alexander, Frisco, Texas, Sept. 30, speeding, deferred adjudication, $383.

Auther Boese, Goessel, Nov. 24, failure to wear seatbelt, $10.

Marian J. Bryan, Hesston, Nov. 24, speeding, $143.

Kenneth W. Brzuchalski, Manhattan, Sept. 26, speeding, $143.

Anita N. Chaney, Houston, Texas, Aug. 19, speeding, $230.

Wesley Devon Dukes, Wichita, Sept. 24, speeding, disposed due to failure to appear, $254.

Naresh Gaddam, Wichita, Oct. 20, speeding, $248.

Nathaniel R. Hinson, Andover, Nov. 4, speeding, $185.

Joanna L. Kelly, Wichita, Oct. 27, child passenger safety; restraining systems and seat belts, $158.

Angela R. Lippard, Enid, Okla., Nov. 6, speeding, $338.

Jason H. McKay, Herford, Texas, Nov. 7, motor carrier safety rules and regulations, $213.

Montana Dawn Percell, Marion, Nov. 9, speeding, $203.

Tyler J. Pozolinski, Neanah, Wis., Nov. 12, speeding, $143.

Ronald E. Schneider, Hesston, Nov. 24, failure to wear seatbelt, $10.

Shane R. Teeter, Copperas Cove, Texas, July 15, speeding, $143.

John V. Walser, Mapleton, Minn., Nov. 7, motor carriers required to stop at inspection stations and motor carrier safety rules and regulations, $500.

Last modified Dec. 6, 2012