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Traffic cases

This information was filed in the traffic division of Marion County District Court. All fines include court costs.

Calvin J. Elliott, Junction City, Aug. 15, speeding, $143.

Kimberly Joy Funk, Lehigh, Jan. 12, speeding, $524.

Tamra L. Holub, Marion, Aug. 22, speeding, $179.

Leah K. Loux, Wichita, July 5, speeding, $230.

Anto Simic, Spring Hill, Fla., Aug. 17, failure to yield at stop or yield sign, $173.

Dale R. Spaulding, Alma, Oct. 22, 1993, speeding, $97.

Ivy D. Wellman, June 1, speeding, $254.

Steven C. Wentling, Milford, Aug. 19, speeding, $143.

Steven E. Williams, Lost Springs, July 6, child passenger safety-restraining systems and seat belts, $60.

Last modified Sept. 6, 2012