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Turning lemonade into water

Staff writer

Eight-year-old benefactor Sadie Lange will have her annual lemonade stand Sept. 14 to benefit Charity Water through its September campaign.

She will be selling lemonade from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the front yard of her family’s home at 411 S. Freeborn St. Patrons will receive a large cup of lemonade for a donation of any size.

This is her third year to raise money for Charity Water.

“Charity Water brings clean water to people that have to drink dirty water and can get sick,” Sadie said.

Last year Sadie raised $2,200, a substantial increase from the $800 she raised her first year. She got an idea from a video she watched with her dad, Jeremiah Lange, about Charity Water.

Each year the money raised goes toward getting clean water to different countries. This year Sadie is raising money for India.

According to her father, the money will go to a group that educates people on clean water and the dangers of dirty water for their lower society levels.

“India is broken into what they call a caste system,” he said. “Those on lower levels of the caste system have a hard time getting clean drinking water.”

Sadie’s goal is to raise $3,000 this year.

“Last year the neighbor kids came over a bunch because they liked the lemonade’s taste,” she said.

Sadie said her parents and brother help her sell.

Online donations can also be made in Sadie’s name.

“We promote it to our friends and family through social media,” Jeremiah said. “Sadie raises about half of her money from online donations.”

Sadie said she will continue raising money through a lemonade stand for the next few years.

Last modified Aug. 29, 2013