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Ultra-conservative money backs Barker


Financial disclosure statements released Monday by the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission portray very different images of the two candidates for 70th District state representative in Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Largely because of contributions from outside the district, John Barker of Abilene has raised nearly one-third more than has Doug Lindahl of Enterprise.

Several of Barker’s out-of-district contributors appear to be key players in an ongoing battle for control of the Kansas Legislature.

Barker’s $7,559.41 in contributions include donations linked to the ultra-conservative Koch Industries of Wichita, the equally conservative Kansas Chamber of Commerce, and two state legislators with ties to the tea party movement.

All are strong supporters of Gov. Sam Brownback and the more radically conservative faction of the Kansas House.

In contrast, Lindahl’s $5,695 in contributions include out-of-district gifts from an apparent relative and from more typical contributors such as the Kansas Committee for Rural Electrification (he serves on a rural electric board), the Kansas Contractors Association, the Kansas National Education Association, and a Topeka lobbyist.

Barker’s totals include gifts from the Kansas Beverage Association, the Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association, and two greyhound breeders.

Neither candidate listed any unusual expenses in his spending report. Barker received a mailing list as a gift from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce; Lindahl purchased such a list from the Marion County clerk.

Among expenditures listed on Barker’s report was $129.93 for candy to distribute at a parade in Abilene. The candy was purchased outside the 70th District, from Sam’s Club in Salina.

As of Monday, Barker reported having spent $5,802.82 from his campaign account, with $1,756.59 remaining.

Lindahl reported having spent only $150.94 from his campaign account, with $5,544.06 remaining.

Lindahl reported personally paying for $3,893.19 in campaign expenses. Barker listed no personal expenditures.

The only Marion County contributors to either campaign have been David Mueller of Tampa ($250 to Lindahl) and Colleen Koop of Hillsboro ($9.41 to Barker).

Each candidate had roughly the same number of donors.

The average size of Barker’s 25 disclosed contributions (the amount of one donation was left blank) was $302.37.

The average size of Lindahl’s 24 contributions was $214.58.

Highlights of the reports released Monday:


Out-of-district contributions

  • $500 from Koch Industries’ political action committee.
  • $500 plus a voter list valued at $78 from the equally conservative Kansas Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee
  • $300 from tea party State Rep. Charlotte O’Hara (R-Olathe) and her husband, Spencer Hawerlander.
  • $200 from Jack Sherck, a greyhound breeder in North Palm Beach, Fla.
  • $200 from retired attorneys Philip and Karen Kyle of Jetmore.
  • $200 from Kansas Beverage Association’s political action committee.
  • $100 from Junction City lawyer Mark Edwards.
  • $50 from John Nachtman of Garden City, a former Dickinson County undersheriff.
  • $25 from tea party-endorsed State Rep. TerriLois Gregory (R-Baldwin City).
  • An undisclosed amount from Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association’s political action committee.

In-district contributions

  • $500 each from Abilene residents John Dunlap (towing business), Karen Dunlap (secretary), Michael Holt (retired business owner), Jan and Brad Dunlap (educator), Tony and Sarah Geiger (banker and teacher), Doug and Connie Thompson (attorney), Hank and Jo Royer (attorney), Mike Brierton (engineering), and Brierton Engineering (business).
  • $250 each from Abilene couples Casey and Jane Foltz (feed dealer and city employee) and Vince and Laurita Berland (greyhound breeder)
  • $200 each from Abilene resident L. John Purvis (attorney) and Woodbine resident Susan F. Stout (retired).
  • $50 from Abilene resident Edna Morris.
  • $25 from Abilene couple Eldon and Betty Noel
  • $9.41 from Hillsboro resident Colleen Koop.


Out-of-district contributions

  • $500 from Kansas Committee for Rural Electrification
  • $500 from Kansas Contractors Association.
  • $500 from Kansas National Education Association’s political action committee.
  • $250 from oilman Kurt Lindahl of Woodlands, Texas.
  • $100 from Topeka lobbyist John Peterson.

In-district contributions

  • $500 from Abilene contactor Paul Hettenbach.
  • $250 each from Tampa resident David Mueller (farmer), Hope resident Harvey Walker (feed lot owner), and Abilene residents Jim Mayhew (retired), Ron Shouse (retired), and Dennis Weishaar (retired).
  • $200 from Hope resident Anita Hummel (retired).
  • $150 each from Enterprise resident Brent McKeeman (lineman), Chapman resident Kenneth Wood (farmer), and Abilene resident James Wood (farmer).
  • $100 each from Enterprise resident Reed Hoffman (retired), Woodbine resident Dick Trawskowsky, Abilene residents Jack Mohler and Bob Smidt, and Chapman residents Robert Roskens, Jon Londeen, Don Rickley, Ken Trickloe, and Bruce Taylor.

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