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Violent intruder lacerated, arrested

A violent domestic disturbance led to a life-threatening injury and eventual arrest of a Peabody man last week.

At approximately 6 p.m. March 15, Peabody police investigated a disturbance at 310 N. Elm St. at which a bleeding Matthew Kangas was allegedly restrained, treated, rushed to a Wichita hospital.

“When we encountered Matt he had kicked in the front door on his ex-wife’s [Ashley Miller] house,” chief Bruce Burke said. “He had broken a plate-glass window and cut himself severely in the wrist area.”

Initially, Peabody ambulance and sheriff’s deputies also responded, but at approximately 6:42 p.m., Marion ambulance also was paged for a paramedic to assist with a “severe laceration” on Kangas’s right wrist, according to a recorded radio transmission in which he was described as being “a little rough to deal with.”

However, a Peabody ambulance attendant radioed that a local paramedic had been contacted and was on the way to the scene, and Marion was dismissed.

“Officers and ambulance personnel subdued the individual and likely saved his life by applying a tourniquet to stop the bleeding,” Burke said. “He was transported to Wesley Medical Center [in Wichita]. He was arrested on Friday when they released him from the hospital.”

Kangas was arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, domestic battery, criminal damage to property, and five counts of aggravated child endangerment, according to Burke who declined to comment on what may have caused Kangas’s reportedly violent behavior.

In March 2016, Peabody police arrested Kangas for suspicion of possession of methamphetamines, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Later that month, sheriff’s deputies also arrested him on a charge for motion to revoke bond.

Then in April 2016, Peabody police arrested Kangas on suspicion of burglary, fleeing and eluding, interference with a law enforcement officer, and nine charges of theft.

Firearms Kangas allegedly stole from a Peabody residence were recovered shortly after the burglary.

After their divorce in January, Kangas was ordered to pay $1,250 per month child support, $28,420 lump sum maintenance, $5,088 unpaid temporary maintenance and temporary child support, and $15,200 property settlement payable at $400 per month to his ex-wife, who was also given residential custody of their two children.

Kangas was released Friday on $25,000 bond.

Last modified March 23, 2017