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Wandering skunks seen in park

Staff writer

Marion Police Chief Tyler Mermis said there have been multiple skunk sightings around town, but residents should not be alarmed.

“If people see them during the day they call sometimes,” he said. “We check them out in case they’re rabid.”

Officers responded to two instances this month where skunks were seen in Central Park.

Mermis said he doesn’t remember finding a rabid skunk in town, but said the department responded to a horse that tested positive for rabies.

Sometimes the department removes the skunks, depending on where they are and what they’re doing.

“That’s only sometimes, most of the time if they’re moving we just let them move on out of town because they cause a horrible stink,” he said.

If residents see a skunk in town they can call the department, but Mermis recommends letting them leave on their own unless they’re acting strangely.

This time of year male skunks wander around, sometimes covering large distances looking for mates. By May, their search is concluded, according to Kansas State Research and Extension.

Skunks with rabies can be aggressive, appear uncoordinated, have difficulty moving its back legs, and foam at the mouth.

If a resident witnesses any animal in town displaying these symptoms contact local the police department.

Last modified March 27, 2014