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Warrior grad finds calling in work-study

Staff writer

Macy Sigel has been a star student-athlete for Marion High, but the honor student found her calling off the playing field.

One of six possible valedictorians, and four in the top 10% at the school, Sigel found her purpose not in the spotlight, acting as a shadow during a work-study at St. Luke.

There, Sigel began assisting an occupational therapist. She was impressed by how well patients got back some strength and learned skills from her mentor and decided it was the career for her.

“I realized that I have a desire to help people and I am a fixer,” she said. “That’s what I want to do. I want to help people get back to their regular life.”

She plans to attend Kansas State University and study human development and health science. A scholar’s award from the university for $5,000 a year will help with expenses.

Sigel played volleyball and basketball at Marion High for three years, but softball is her signature sport. The All-League honoree has been playing since she was a little girl.

The active high schooler also had a full roster of commitments in addition to sports.

A sample of Sigel’s activities include cheerleading, scholars bowl, key club, art club, safety team, a stint where she coached recreational softball and a season where she landed a role in the high school musical.

Keeping her grades up with a full plate of activities cost her many late nights.

“I had to make sure that I had my priorities straight and school did come first even though I was an athlete,” she said. “We go to school to learn and that came first.”

Her commitment to her college career also will take a front seat at KSU as she lets softball go.

“I figure being a student athlete in college is a lot more difficult than being a student athlete in high school,” she said. “And I really want to focus on my studies.”

Last modified May 19, 2021