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Warriors win 64-13, have ‘plethora’ to work on

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The Marion High School Warriors scored their first of what was to be many touchdowns three plays into the game and never looked back in a 64-13 blowout of Inman on Friday.

Running back Corbin Wheeler took the ball 29 yards for the game’s first touchdown on a key block by wide receiver Zachary Stuchlik 54 seconds into the quarter.

An Inman three-and-out set up another three-play touchdown drive for the Warriors, this time with running back Jack Schneider striking from 38 yards out.

Another three plays, and Schneider had the ball in his hands on an interception.

One play and 69 yards later, Wheeler again crossed the goal line in the same corner as the previous two touchdowns. The two-point conversion made the game 20-0 four and a half minutes into the game.

Lost yards on an Inman screen pass and a block in the back penalty set up the next Marion score: a sack in the end zone by lineman Jarret McLinden for a safety.

One play after the safety kick, Schneider ran in for another score from 46 yards to make it 28-0.

Despite a muffed punt and fumbled handoff, Inman put a drive together by airing out the ball. A third and nine pass conversion was followed by another long pass, with a completed floater off the quarterback’s back foot two plays later. Two dropped passes in the corners of the end zone were followed by a third and long completed touchdown pass.

At 28-7 with 3:27 left in the first quarter, Inman recovered an onside kick.

After a short pass, an overthrown deep ball, and a stuffed run up the middle, the Warrior defense sacked the Inman quarterback for a turnover on downs.

Four plays later, Wheeler again crossed the goal line. The two-point conversion made the score 36-7 with a second left in the first quarter.

Marion never looked back, adding three more touchdowns in the second to take a 56-7 lead into the half.

With a running clock and Marion reserves playing, each team added another score to end the game 64-13.

The Warriors rushed for 434 yards on 30 attempts for 14.5 yards per carry as a team. Other than two-point conversion attempts, quarterback Chase Stringer only attempted one pass.

Coach Grant Thierolf said the offensive line benefited from watching last week’s game film.

“The offensive line just kind of asserted their dominance at the start of the game. We have four seniors and a junior up there, they should be ready to play. I was really pleased. It also helps when Jack and Corbin hit the hole hard and Chase makes good reads.”

Schneider rushed seven times for 167 yards and four touchdowns, while Wheeler’s six rushes tallied 157 yards and three touchdowns. Stringer scored once on five rushes for 51 yards.

On defense, Marion gave up two touchdowns and 124 yards through the air.

“They’re going to pick up some yards, and really only one drive did we have trouble on,” Thierolf said.

He said most offenses are not built for 12- to 15-play drives, so the defense played well.

“We’re not giving up the big play, and we’re making them drive down the field and put together a series of plays,” Thierolf said. “If our defense can do that, that’s playing good defense.”

He said the pass defense needs work, as does goal line offense and two-point conversions. Marion converted for two after four of its nine touchdowns. Even after a 51-point win, Thierolf will find things to work on.

“When we watch the film, we will find some things, even in our run game we didn’t do well,” he said. “There will be a plethora of things to work on.”

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