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Washburn busy writing defense motions

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A man awaiting Oct. 24 trial on county charges that were allegedly part of a multi-state crime spree ending in his February arrest in Arizona is filing his own motions in court despite the fact he claims to be happy with court-appointed defense attorney Gary Price.

Allen D. Washburn, 36, is charged with residential burglary, two counts of felony theft, damage to property, and misdemeanor theft.

The charges stem from a late December incident at the Lehigh residence of Merle and Michelle Flaming, who discovered on Dec. 27 their home had been broken into and their pickup, trailer, computer, and an assortment of other items had been stolen. Abandoned on their property was a vehicle reported stolen from Barton County, Missouri, where Washburn was on furlough from jail at the time of the theft.

Within three days of a Sept. 12 hearing for motions filed in the case, Washburn filed three court documents of his own claiming his constitutional and civil rights are being violated.

Washburn claims county attorney Courtney Boehm did not comply with a request for full discovery filed by Price and the court didn’t properly handle petitions asking for hearings. He also claims evidence was suppressed.

“My arguement is Marion Courts violated my civil right to due process by receiving legal documents, not filing them, and waiting over six months to address them, then not accepting the motions,” Washburn wrote.

Washburn asserts the court is part of a conspiracy.

“I have strong evidence showing Judge, DA, and Clerk of Courts know the alleged victims in this case quite well and all knowing this entire case it being a conflict of interest also gives evidence of deception, corruption, and conspiring to violate my rights proving the entire Marion County Sheriff and courts are trying to violate my rights to fair due process and shows efforts to cover there mistakes when caught by just changing the fact several months and hearing later like its OK which is illegal and unprofessional also unfair. This all proves the entire court abusing their power,” Washburn wrote.

Washburn wrote that he was giving notice his “constitutional rights and civil right have been violated” because documents and a DVD were given to Price during the Sept. 12 hearing instead of months earlier.

“After pushing the issue Judge requested DA and my attorney a closed meeting in his quarters without my presence,” Washburn wrote.

He claims the judge on Sept. 12 “acknowleged” his civil rights had been violated but denied his motion.

Price declined to comment on Washburn’s filings.

The Flamings’ trailer was later found abandoned at a fast food restaurant in Kansas City. Their truck was found Feb. 8, abandoned near Chloride, Arizona.

Last modified Sept. 20, 2017